2016 Ford Taurus Lacking Style?

Almost every car enthusiasts hate it when a carmaker applies a single styling for most of its vehicles and the only way to differentiate them is by judging the size of the platform.

Well, this could be the case for the next-gen Ford Taurus after a spy shot of the vehicle suggest that the future sedan might look identical to the Ford Fusion and Focus Sedan.

The spy shot basically shows the rear end of the Ford Taurus and the styling is akin to the aforementioned vehicles. The only way to tell them apart is through the size where the Taurus is the largest of them all.

Of course, we cannot be certain just yet since we are still clueless on how the frontal design is going to be like. If Ford is able to produce something different with the grille and front bumper, then the future Taurus will be more distinguishable than its siblings.

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