2016 Ford Taurus: Flaunting Its Tail

Ford has this problem where they utilize one design for each and every one of their vehicles. This is a fact that is further proven after a spy shot of the upcoming Ford Taurus got leaked online for the world to indulge on.

The image shows the Ford Taurus packed head first, thus giving us a glimpse of its tail section. There is nothing special about this at all as the upcoming sedan’s rear portion looks a lot like the Ford Mondeo and also the Ford Focus. The only way to differentiate the trio is through looking at the size.

Nevertheless, the overall structure of the Ford Taurus does look exciting as it comes with so many muscles to offer. It is also completed with black wheels to give off quite an aggressive stance. In short, we can’t wait for more details to get spilled on the Ford Taurus before it gets released in 2016.


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