2016 Ford Taurus: Design Changes Are Not Exceptional?

Over the recent years, Ford has shown tremendous improvements with vehicle designs and this is why we can’t wait to meet and greet the next-gen Taurus. The large sedan is about to get refreshed with a brand new model later this year and it is going to be insane.

Today, we managed to catch a glimpse of the next-gen Ford Taurus after a spy shot of the vehicle got leaked online. However, the single image is taken from the rear of the Taurus so there isn’t much to describe about the vehicle.

The only thing we can share is that the next-gen Taurus looks super huge. We can’t detail out on the design as the styling of the tail section looks akin to the Ford Fusion and also the Focus RS.

This is worrying as the Ford Taurus might end up having the same design language but made different by size. Of course, we cannot confirm on this yet at least until we get to see the frontal design of the car.

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