2016 Ford Remains Flamboyant On Focus RS

Ford has made it known that they are currently developing the Focus RS and the vehicle is going to make its debut in 2016. Unlike all the other Ford Focus, the RS is going to be a sports hatch that offers a whopping 350hp as it runs on the AWD system.

To achieve this, Ford has produced a 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. The motor will tremendously improve torque vectoring front and rear, which builds up to an overall superb performance.

The bigger mystery is with the Focus RS’ release status. Some reports suggest that the sports hatch won’t be coming in the US, due to the Lincoln MKC and the Ford Mustang which offers a similar power range developed by the same EcoBoost technology.

Then again, we believe that the rumours are wrong and the Focus RS will definitely come in the US. After all, Ford has been very aggressive in its home market which somehow suggests that they will definitely release the Focus RS here.

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