2016 Ford Ranger Unveiled: Taking The Cues From The Everest

After successfully releasing the Everest SUV, Ford announced that they will be looking to update the Ranger with a brand new model and the pickup truck is confirmed to be making its debut next year.

The reveal came out with a teaser video that shows the upcoming Ranger in glimpses. Even so, car junkies can still see that the pickup truck will be coming with a new front design. Then again, most of its styling seems to be based on the latest Ford Everest.

This is evident if car junkies are to look at the new grille on the future Ford Ranger. It simply looks like the one on the latest Ford SUV. Nevertheless, there are some new treats with the next-gen Ranger and they are with the vehicle’s fog lights and a re-shaped front bumper.

Unfortunately, the teaser video failed to share anything on the rear section of the Ford Ranger so there is no telling on if the taillights or rear bumpers will be changed or not. Regardless, car unkies can look forward to seeing the next-gen Ranger coming with a host of new technologies to offer.


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