2016 Ford Ranger Unveiled: New Grille, More Technology

Come 2016, Ford will be launching the Ranger Facelift and the world can already get an idea on how the pickup truck will look. This is now possible since Ford launched the teaser trailer video of the Ranger Facelift on YouTube, for car junkies to indulge on.

Upon viewing the short clip for ourselves, we noticed that the upcoming Ranger Facelift looks a lot like the recently released Ford Everest SUV that was built for the Asia-Pacific market.

This can be seen with the pair of headlamps on the Ranger Facelift that is identical to the Everest. The similarities are also with the grille, which appears to be larger than before. Other features on the Ranger Facelift include a restyled front bumper with new fog lights and more creases on the engine hood.

Unfortunately, the teaser trailer for the Ford Ranger Facelift didn’t share on the rear styling of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the pickup-truck is going to be extraordinary when it arrives since Ford will be equipping it with the latest driving technology in its arsenal.

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