2016 Ford Ranger Unveiled: Morphing The Everest Into A Pickup Truck

We have all heard on how Ford is going to revolutionize the pickup truck market by introducing the all-aluminium F-150. Well, the latter will be experimented here in the US. Beyond our borders, Ford is planning to renew the Ranger badge with a next-generation model.

This is confirmed by Ford yesterday when the launched the teaser video of the upcoming Ford Ranger that is due to arrive in 2016. The pickup truck is teased to be bigger as it looks to be built on the same platform that was used by the Ford Everest.

Even on the design, the teaser video suggests that the Ford Ranger will look so much like the Ford Everest. Viewers should be able to notice the larger front grille, restyled front bumper, new fog lights and more creases on the engine hood coming with the next-gen Ranger.

On the downside of things, the video clip failed to even give the slightest hint on how the rear portion will look like. Nevertheless, the Ranger is going to make a bold entry when it gets released next year.


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