2016 Ford Ranger Unveiled: Is It The Atlas?

Here in the US, Ford has been enjoying tremendous sales from its F-150 pickup truck. Elsewhere in the world, Ford is also making profits thanks to the Ranger pickup truck. Now, Ford has finally confirmed that the latter will be getting updated with a brand new model soon.

The announcement on the production of a brand new Ford Ranger happened yesterday and it came with a teaser trailer of the vehicle too. Those that have viewed the clip should be able to notice that the Ford Ranger looks a lot like the latest Ford Atlas.

Both vehicles seem to share many similarities with each other that the upcoming Ranger can simply be described as the pickup truck version of the Atlas.

In detail, the Ford Ranger sports a restyled front bumper with new fog lights and more creases on the engine hood. Also, there is a larger griller at the front portion of the vehicle.

On the downside of things, the video teaser failed to highlight on the interior and the tail section of the vehicle. Regardless, consumers can look forward to a beautiful Ford Ranger getting released next year.


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