2016 Ford Ranger Unveiled: An Atlas Turned Into A Pickup Truck

Come next year, Ford will be updating their Asia Pacific pickup truck, the Ranger, with a brand new model. This is confirmed last week when Ford announced on the next-gen Ranger and also brought out a teaser video of the future pickup truck.

At a glance, the upcoming Ranger actually looks a lot like the recently released Ford Everest. Just by looking at the larger grille on the Ranger, it is obvious that the feature is ported from the latest Everest.

In addition to that, the Ford Ranger is also coming out with a new-looking fog lights and a re-shaped front bumper. Then again, the teaser video failed to share on the vehicle’s tail section, as well as interior features.

Regardless, consumers in the Asia Pacific region can look forward to the Ranger getting all the latest technology in the automotive industry as a standard. The next-gen pickup truck is surely going to be fuel economical and powerful at the same time.


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