2016 Ford Ranger, Ford Atlas: Are They Twins?

It is no secret that Ford is producing the all-new Ranger and the pickup truck is going to be released later this year in the Asia Pacific region. Ford has already released the teaser video for the next-gen Ranger and those who viewed it will be shock to see the vehicle’s design language.

This is because the next-gen Ranger is made to appear so much like the latest Ford Atlas. It features a larger grille, a restyled front bumper with new fog lights and more creases on the engine hood. The styling adopted by the Ranger is somehow identical to that of the latest Atlas.

Perhaps, both the Ranger and the Atlas might just be twins. Ford gave them different names since both pickup trucks are made for different regions.

Of course, this is our assumption on the matter and we are waiting for Ford to confirm more on this. With the Ranger looking like the Atlas, it might also come with the same engine options like the latter.

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