2016 Ford Mustang: Coming With At Least 470hp?

It is no secret that Ford is producing the next-generation Mustang and the vehicle is due to make its debut in 2016. However, nobody has got a clue on what the next-generation Mustang has got to offer.

Even so, many are tipping that the upcoming sports sedan will come with the latest engine technologies like direct injection. Looking back at the last Ford Mustang, it runs on a 5L V8 that are naturally aspirated and without direct injection. Even with such a rig, the Mustang was able to offer 444hp out of the box.

If Ford is to apply direct injection technology on the future 5L V8 Mustang, there is no doubt that the car is capable of developing more horsepower than before. Out car specialist did the calculations for us and revealed that direct inject will give the Mustang at least 470hp to offer.

Of course, there is no confirmation on whether direct injection will be utilized for the future Ford Mustang. We are already in 2015 now and Ford is expected to shed more light on the matter this year.


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