2016 Ford Focus RS US Release Status Explored

Come 2016, Ford will be launching the all-new Focus RS but unfortunately, the vehicle is going to be a limited edition model. According to Ford, the Focus RS is described as an extremely powerful hatchback as it delivers 350hp on the AWD system.

This is made possible thanks to the newly developed 2.3L turbocharged Ecoboost four-cylinder engine. Also, the Focus RS is to come with new and improved torque vectoring front and rear that will enhance the vehicle’s performance.

The big mystery with the Focus RS is its release date. Time and time again, Ford has been cooling the hype by calling the Focus RS as something do-able but won’t be coming in the US. On the other hand, another statement by Ford confirms that the American carmaker is gung-ho over the sales in America.

The only way to explain this is to think like Ford. The company already have the Lincoln MKC and the Mustang Ecoboost that offers similar power with the Focus RS. It could be due to this that the latter is tipped to not get a local release.

Then again, 2016 is still far away and decisions can change anytime from now. As it stands however, the Focus RS won’t be coming to the US.

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