2016 Ford Focus RS: US Is Part Of ‘Global Release’

It is no secret that a new-generation of Focus RS is being developed by Ford and the sports hatch is going to make its global debut later this year. However, many are worried that the term global might see the Ford Focus RS being excluded from the US market.

In addition to that, Ford already has both the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and the Mustang which hence see no need for the Focus RS here in the US.

Well, these people can now put their fears to ease as Ford has finally confirmed that the Focus RS will not miss its US debut. Ford revealed at the last New York Auto Show that the Focus RS will be coming here in America and it will look to take on the latest Volkswagen Golf R and also the Honda Civic Type-R.

This is not surprising for us as there is no way for a Focus to not debut on its home field. After all, the Ford Focus is considered by many as America’s finest creation and it truly deserves an RS model to race on American soil.

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