2016 Ford Focus RS: The Party Is In USA

Ford will be looking to launch the next-gen Focus RS later this year and it is going to be one hell of a sports hatch. This is because the upcoming Focus RS is going to come out with no less than 300hp and it will also be featuring tons of new technologies to make it insane.

The Focus RS is going to make its debut on a global scale but many are worried that Ford is not going to launch the vehicle here in the US. This is due to the availability of both the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and Mustang. Having the Focus RS in the US will only overcrowd the performance segment.

Even so, it is highly unlikely for the future sports hatch to miss out on its home field debut. Car junkies can ease their fears now as Ford has come out to confirm that the Focus RS will get launched in the USA.

While Ford didn’t give any explanation on this, we believe that it is because of the Focus badge which is viewed as one of America’s finest product. Not releasing the Focus RS will surely make Ford look like a bad, profit-driven carmaker and that is something they don’t want to happen.

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