2016 Ford Focus RS: It Needs To Happen

The Ford Focus has long served the masses as the ideal car that is tailored to fit every need. The Focus is fast, powerful, comfortable and also fuel efficient at the same time.

Well, things are about to get faster for the Focus after Ford confirmed that an RS model is on its way for a release next year. When the next-gen Focus RS arrives, it will be powered by the newly developed 2.3L EcoBoost engine that has 350hp in the bags.

Then again, new rumours have surfaced suggesting that the Focus RS won’t be released here in the US. This is because Ford already has the EcoBoost-powered Mustangs and Lincoln MKCs. Releasing the Focus RS in America will simply be bad for business.

On the flip side of the coin, there is no way for Ford to miss out in releasing the Focus RS. Doing so will only upset the entire nation, which has little hate for the Ford Focus. Besides, Ford has been very aggressive in recent years and they have launched some vehicles that are indicated as bad for business. There is no way to see things changing for the Focus RS.

Market analysts revealed that in the worst possible scenario, the Focus RS will be made in limited numbers for the local market. Nevertheless, when the vehicle arrives, it will look to compete with the Volkswagen Golf GTi.

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