2016 Ford Focus RS: American Car Not Coming To America?

It is no secret that Ford is producing a new trim for the existing Focus and it will be the RS model. This upcoming vehicle is said to run on a newly developed 2.3L EcoBoost engine that develops a whopping 350hp.

While it all sounds exciting, new rumours are indicating that Ford won’t be launching the Focus RS here in the US. The rumours claim that the local market is already populated with the EcoBoost-powered Lincoln MKC and the Ford Mustang.

On the other hand, we believe that the Focus RS will still be making its way for a nationwide release. This is evident if car junkies are to monitor the way Ford behaves over the last couple of years. The Blue Oval company has been very aggressive and there are many times where they released an unnecessary vehicle here in the US.

With the Focus RS exhibiting a performance like no other, we can expect it to enjoy a local release. In the worst case scenario, we have a gut feeling that Ford will still launch the RS here in America but offer it in limited numbers.

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