2016 Ford Bronco: Taking The Form Of A Troller?

There is a lot of speculation going on about the Ford Bronco returning with a brand new model next year. The legendary pickup truck that was really popular from the mid-90s was discontinued at the start of the second millennium.

If the speculations are right, then the next-gen Bronco will surely be a dominant force in the automotive industry. Then again, the word is that the Bronco will be coming with a different name. The vehicle will be called the Troller, which has already been released in South America earlier this year.

The Bronco is also said to come with two different engine options when it gets released. The first is a 3.5L Ecoboost mill while the second is the 4.5L diesel engine. Similarly, there will be two different transmission options. The first is a 6-speed ZF-6 manual and the second is the 6-speed 6R140 automatic gearbox.

Of course, these are still based on speculations so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. Looking at the Ford Troller, the truck exhibits a lot of characteristics that are seen on the Bronco. Ford might not confirm anything yet but there is no doubt that the Troller is indeed the Bronco.


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