2016 Ford Bronco: Same Truck, Different Name

Back in the mid-90s, there is only one pickup truck that appeals to the masses and it is the Ford Bronco. Ever since it got discontinued at that same period of time, car junkies have been lost as they hope for Ford to refresh the Bronco with a new model.

Well, this may just happen in 2016 after reports have surfaced suggesting that the Bronco is, in fact, I development. However, the car won’t be known as the Bronco but the Troller instead. Also, the truck will be a bit different to the Troller that was launched in South America.

The Bronco will look to come with two different engine options. Consumers can choose from the 3.5L Ecoboost engine and the 4.5L diesel motor. Transmission options also come in twos with Ford offering the 6-speed ZF-6 manual gearbox and the 6-speed 6R140 automatic.

Of course, Ford has made no claim that the upcoming Troller is the Bronco. However, judging by the vehicle’s design cues; fans should be able to notice many of the Bronco’s characteristics on the Troller pickup truck.

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