2016 Ford Bronco & F-150 Confirmed?

In exactly a year from now, Ford will be launching two new pickup trucks and they are the next-generation Ford F-150 and the Bronco. The attention will surely be on the latter as it has been almost two decades since the Bronco was last launched.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that Ford will be renaming the Bronco as the Troller. The pickup truck will be offered with two different engine options and they are discovered to be the 3.5L Ecoboost and the 4.5L diesel mill.

Similarly, the Troller will be offered with two different transmission options. The first is a 6-speed ZF-6 manual gearbox and the second is the 6-speed 6R140 automatic transmission.

While Ford might not officially admit that the Troller is the next-gen Bronco, car junkies should be able to notice the hallmark chrome plated grille and horizontal chrome bars returning on the Troller. Also, the pickup truck will come with the latest technologies and it can accommodate two passengers at a given time.

As for the Ford F-150, it has already been confirmed that the pickup truck will be built with aluminium. This will make the vehicle lighter than ever, thus improving the Ecoboost engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

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