2016 Chevy Camaro: Honey! I Shrunk The Car!

It is no secret that Chevrolet is developing the next-generation Camaro and today, the world can already catch a glimpse on how the vehicle will look like.

This is thanks to the spy shots on the upcoming Camaro that has leaked online and it shows the Camaro’s test mule operating on the streets. At a glance, car junkies should be able to notice that the Camaro will be smaller than its predecessors.

The slimmer built vehicle will also be lighter. This also means that the Camaro is going to be more optimized for power while also being more fuel economical.

On the downside of things, the Camaro is wrapped in thick camouflage so there is no way to discuss on its styling. The only hint viewers can get is with the new headlamps and the grille.

The Camaro is confirmed to make its debut in 2016 and it will be competing with the Ford Mustang. Meanwhile, car junkies can look forward to hearing more details on the vehicle in the near future. For those that have yet to view the spy shots, you can view them here.

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