2016 Chevy Camaro: Growing Smaller In Size

The Chevrolet Camaro is about to get refreshed with an all-new model and it is due to arrive in 2016. Now, spy shots on the American muscle car has surfaced and it confirms that the Camaro is going to be smaller than ever.

The images showed the Camaro dressed in camouflage as it gets tested by Chevrolet. The camouflage is so well done that there is no way for us to analyse the car’s design. What we can tell is that the Camaro has been downsized when compared to the existing model.

With a smaller build, the Camaro is also expected to be lighter in weight. This will surely allow the car to offer more power and better fuel economy. Then again, the small sized Camaro also suggests that space will be fairly limited.

Unfortunately, these are the only things we can tell after viewing the spy shots. Of course, Chevrolet is expected to shed more light on the Camaro when we near its release date.

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