2016 Chevrolet Cruze: The More Wagony, The Better

Chevrolet got caught in the centre of a huge buzz yesterday, right after they announced that there is going to be a hatchback version of the next-gen Cruze coming in the US. This has got most car junkies excited as they prefer a hatchback Cruze than a sedan Cruze.

However, the Cruze lovers are hoping for the vehicle to not end up with just a flat back. They would desire it to be made like a wagon. Surely, this will rub some salt in the wounds of notable wagon developers like Subaru.

Of course, there is one other criteria with the Cruze and it involves the vehicle’s performance. Fans would love it if Chevrolet can equip the Cruze with a newly-developed ECO engine with manual transmission. That way, they can look forward to some thrills while also hoping for great fuel economy.

With that being said, let’s just hope Chevrolet hear us out on the Cruze. If the hatchback is to feature like many are hoping it to be, then sales will definitely be explosive.

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