2016 Chevrolet Colorado: A Nimble Rock Climber

Chevrolet has already been breaking a lot of grounds when it comes to their Chevrolet Colorado, but it looks like we have not seen everything they have to offer on the Chevrolet Colorado yet.

Chevrolet has just released a new video showing off the Colorado’s amazing abilities which will include driving across huge rocks. We know the Chevrolet Colorado was made to tackle some of the toughest off-road drive but not this.

The video showed the Colorado climbing over huge rocks without breaking a sweat. While most people will probably not drive the Colorado this way, it is good to know that it is capable of doing so if there is a need to. It is also nice to know how far you can actually push the truck before it breaks.

The model that they tested on what the new 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax model. Check out the video here.

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