2016 Chevrolet Camaro: May 16 Will Be Historical

It is no secret that a new generation of Camaro is in production and the vehicle looks set to get fully unveiled on May 16 next month. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the next-gen Camaro and many are eager to find out on how powerful the vehicle will be.

Chevrolet even dared to say that the future Camaro is going to be much better than the latest Mustang and it is going to be more powerful than every other Camaro before this.

Chevrolet added that the goal is accomplished by building the Camaro on the ATS platform that is used by the Cadillac ATS. This new architecture will see the Camaro coming out with a smaller framework and fans can catch a glimpse of it here.

With the smaller structure, it hints on the Camaro to weigh much lesser than before. A lighter Camaro will obviously enhance its power output entirely and this could be game changer for the muscle car.

Of course, we don’t have any figures to prove this point yet and it will have to wait until Chevrolet fully unveils the Camaro next month. Will the muscle car make it or break it?

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