2016 Audi Q7: Already Behind The XC90?

Volvo has already revealed it all on the next-gen XC90 that is due to arrive next year. Now, Audi looks to steal the spotlight as the German carmaker confirmed that they will be developing the Q7 and it will rival the XC90 on every front.

Those that have viewed the Q7’s spy shots that were leaked last week should know that the upcoming vehicle won’t be as interesting as the Volvo XC90. This is because the Q7 sport some repetitive features like a large grille, narrower headlamps and haunches above the wheel arches.

Yes, the Q7 might look great but not as spectacular as the XC90. Regardless, the Q7 is able to emit a much bolder stance and will be looking to run on the 3L diesel TDI engine that has about 218 to 320PS in the bag.

Even though both the XC90 and the Audi Q7 is pending to get released, we can already tell that the former looks revolutionary while the latter looks like a small-time improvement. Of course, it is still too early to judge both SUVs and it is best to wait until they get released early next year.


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