2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Pushing Out Germans Out Of Spotlight

There are numerous vehicles in the luxury segment on the market and the majority of them are German made. Vehicles such as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class are among some of the most well known in the market. This could change though as the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia could push them out of the spotlight.

German car makers have also been among the top for luxurious vehicles but soon this could change with the arrival of the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The car maker showed off the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the vehicle they revealed was the top end of the range the Quadrifoglio.

The 2016 Alfa Romeo is going to offer the V6 twin-turbo engine which will offer up 510 horses and it will come with the 6 speed manual transmission. The vehicle should be able to reach 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. At the moment we haven’t heard about the lower end version.

Allison Blackburn

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