2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Car Pornstar Of The Year?

It is no secret that Alfa Romeo is currently developing on the next-gen Giulia. This upcoming vehicle promises an exhilarating performance and a splendid design. This is despite of the fact that the Giulia is made as a 4-door sports sedan.

Many showed little interest for the Giulia because they are not keen for another sports sedan. Most of the car junkies agreed that hatchbacks and wagons are the in-thing today. Well, that perception instantly changed after spy shots of the Giulia got leaked online.

The spy shots came in two images and they both showed the side and tail section of the vehicle. Despite the low image quality, the spy shot left everyone speechless as they gaze at the Giulia. The upcoming sports sedan is simply a beauty.

It is only then the car junkies realized that they have forgotten about the Italian car designs after being fed with German styling all the time. The Germans might be king of comforts but on the design front, they are bland. If the Alfa Romeo Giulia is priced right, it will definitely be a hot-seller when released.

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