2015 Volkswagen Beetle Mini Crossover Confirmed For Production [PICS]

For months now, Volkswagen has been teasing on the Beetle Dune Concept. Now, it has finally been confirmed that the vehicle is going to be produced as part of VW’s 2015 line-up.

The Beetle Dune is basically the old classy Beetle from VW that is morphed into a compact crossover. It sorts a higher ground clearance, off-road capable wheels and possibly a 4WD system.

Then again, the Beetle Dune is more like a Baja Bug. In other words, the car fits well for beach driving and not on landlocked areas. We are pretty sure that VW is aware of this and thus, is expecting the Beetle Dune to debut on countries and areas with a long coastline.

On the other hand, the Beetle Dune is still a pleasure to watch. It is not compulsory for the vehicle to race on the beach as running in the heart of central business district will leave the eyes of commoners glued at the car.

With that being said, car junkies can look forward to driving the VW Beetle Dune when it gets released next year. Unfortunately, VW didn’t share any details on the sort of mechanical instruments that will power the VW Beetle Dune.

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