2015 Toyota Mirai Review: End Of Electric Car Era?

Come next year, a new green vehicle will be released and it is the Toyota Mirai. Unlike most green vehicles today, the Mirai is going to be the world’s first fully commercialized hydrogen-powered car instead of running on electricity.

Toyota revealed that the Mirai will be more powerful and efficient than most green vehicles in the market right now. Also, the hydrogen fuel cells offer a lower running cost and more durability when compared to EV vehicles.

While it all sounds exciting, the Mirai is still criticized for being poorly designed. True enough; the hatch looks super ugly and weird in every way. Performance-wise, the Mirai actually feels underpowered. To be precise, the Mirai drives a lot like the Prius.

Nevertheless, the Toyota Mirai is still a game changer in the green industry. Toyota kept boasting that the Mirai is a magnitude better than every EV vehicles. Even so, the carmaker failed to share on any performance figures yet.

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