2015 Toyota Hilux: What To Expect?

Toyota has confirmed that a brand new Hilux will be making its debut next year and it is going to be a big upgrade from the existing model. By big, we meant it literally and figuratively.

For starters, the Hilux boasts a larger body. As such, fans can expect a spacious interior with the vehicle. The pickup truck will be towed by a powerful engine that comes in three variants. Consumers will be able to choose from the 2.5L diesel, 3L diesel or the 4L V6 engine.

Despite their large displacement size, all three engines will be tweaked and tuned to save fuel. With Toyota being an expert on the fuel efficiency field, we can look forward to some interestingly great fuel economy ratings.

Aside from that, Toyota has made it clear that the upcoming Hilux is injected with an American DNA. Thus, this explains why the vehicle exhibits a lot of muscles and an overall bolder stance.

To complete the package, Toyota promises to give the upcoming Hilux many technological features. With them, drivers can engage in a futuristic driving experience in a pickup truck.


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