2015 Toyota Hilux Review: Why Is It A Facelift?

The Hilux has long served Toyota as a bestselling pickup truck on a global scale. Next year, the Hilux will be updated with a facelift model and it is only going to get better for the consumers.

Like previous Hilux, the upcoming model will be offered with multiple engine choices. Consumers can opt for the 2.5L diesel, the 3.5L diesel or the 4L V6 engine. Regardless of the choice and the large engine displacement, Toyota assured consumers that the Hilux will be super fuel economical.

Of course, the company has yet to announce the fuel consumption figures but judging by the sound of things, there is a chance for it to be better than the RAM pickup truck.

In addition to that, the Hilux Facelift will be equipped with a host of new technologies. This will surely improve the performance of the pickup truck.

As for the design, the Hilux is said to be larger than before as it exhibits more muscles. Toyota claims that the Hilux carries the American pickup truck DNA, thus explaining why it is bolder than before. After all, the US will be the Hilux’s main market despite it being planned for a global release.

In short, it is amazing on the amount of changes, additions and improvements coming to the Toyota Hilux Facelift. Perhaps, Toyota should call it a successor instead of a facelift as it contradicts to the definition of things.


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