2015 Toyota Hilux Review: Inner Beauty Amplified

In a matter of months from now, Toyota will be launching the next-generation Hilux and it is going to be a magnitude better than its predecessors. Perhaps, this is Toyota’s way to address the pickup truck market that is currently hit by the Chevrolet Colorado fever.

For starters, the Hilux will be offered with new engines. The base model is expected to run on a 2.5L diesel motor. Up one level, the Hilux will run on a 3L diesel motor. The range-topping model will be powered by 4L V6 engine.

Despite the large engine capacity, it is Toyota’s upmost priority to ensure that the upcoming Hilux is super fuel efficient. After all, fuel economy is what made people like the Chevy Colorado so much.

While fuel rating figures are yet to be announced, we can expect it to be the biggest improvement on the Hilux. Toyota is going to make this possible by equipping the pickup truck with a host of new technologies and mechanism.

Design-wise, the Hilux looks more muscular and sturdier than before. Despite that fact, the Hilux is still recognizable as the styling is more or less, similar to its predecessor.

The special thing about the pickup truck is its interior. With the addition of new technologies, we can expect the cabin to be carrying a more futuristic design and neater layout. In short, the interior will surely be among the main selling points for the Hilux.


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