2015 Toyota Hilux Review: Exciting Expectations

Toyota has confirmed that they will be releasing a brand new Hilux this year and the vehicle is tipped to be a magnitude better than its predecessor. As we close in on the Hilux debut date, here are some of the things consumers need to know about the upcoming pickup truck.

For starters, the Hilux will come with 3 different engine options. The first is a 2.5L diesel motor, the second is a 3L diesel motor and the third is a 4L V6 motor. All three engines will be tuned the Toyota way so it is safe to assume that the Hilux will be super fuel efficient despite the large displacement.

Also, Toyota has already made it clear that they will be injecting the Hilux with American DNA. With that being said, the pickup truck is expected to be bolder and bigger than before, thanks to the more muscular framework.

The interior will also be sophisticated and high-tech as Toyota looks to incorporate the latest driving technologies into the upcoming Hilux. With that being said, it simply justifies why Americans should hold their vehicle purchase and wait for the Hilux to get launched.

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