2015 Toyota Hilux: Preparing To Wage War With Colorado

In a matter of months from now, Toyota will be launching the all-new Hilux and it is going to challenge the award-winning Chevrolet Colorado on every front. It has been a long while since the Hilux got updated and when the new pickup truck arrives, it will be a magnitude better than its predecessor.

There are a lot of promises with the upcoming Hilux like how it is going to be taller, wider and longer than before. Toyota has already revealed that the next-gen Hilux will be coming with more muscles to appeal to the American consumers. To complete the design, the Hilux is going to feature horizontal chrome bars running across its grille.

While not much has been revealed on the sort of powertrain coming with the Hilux, car junkies can expect three different engine options for consumers to choose from. The first is a 2.5L diesel, the second is a 3L diesel and the top-of-the-range model will run on the 4L V6 engine.

Of course, Toyota will tweak the engines in a manner where they will all be super fuel efficient without jeopardizing power at all. If the next-gen Hilux is to arrive as how we imagine it to be, then there is no doubt that the pickup truck will surely leave the Chevrolet Colorado biting its dust.


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