2015 Toyota Hilux Looks To Leave The Colorado In Its Shadows

Come next year, Toyota will be launching a brand new Hilux and the pickup truck will be looking to challenge the Chevrolet Colorado on every front. Toyota intends to achieve this by offering a variety of engine options with the upcoming Hilux.

The entry level pickup truck will be powered by a 2.5L diesel motor. One level above it will see the Hilux running on a 3L diesel motor. Then there is the top-of-the-range model which will drive on a 4L V6 engine.

All three engine options are expected to be super fuel efficient, which is one of Toyota’s best traits. The Chevrolet Colorado became a major hit due to it being both stylish and economical. If the Hilux is to do better, than it will have better fuel economy.

Furthermore, the Hilux is going to prioritize the American automotive market. This explains why it now has more muscles and exhibits a bolder stance.

The plus point for the Toyota Hilux is its interior. While nothing has been revealed yet, the pickup truck is going to boast a host of new technologies. This confirms that the vehicle is going to have a neater interior since most of the functions will be fitted with an infotainment system.

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