2015 Toyota Hilux Enhanced To Take On The Colorado

Toyota has confirmed that they will be launching the Hilux Facelift at the end of this year and the car is expected to challenge the Chevrolet Colorado in every way. Today, we have received more details on what is to come with the upcoming Hilux and they are as follow.

For starters, the pickup truck will be featuring a brand new look. Also, the Hilux will boast a larger body that completes a bold stance. Toyota shared that they intend to inject the American muscle DNA into the Hilux in order for it to bring the fight to the Chevrolet Colorado.

As for the interior, things will be more sophisticate than before. Toyota has revealed that they will be offering tons of new technologies to the Hilux as a standard. If so, then the dashboard will surely get updated with a new design and the control dials will all be neatly positioned.

Under the hood, the Hilux will be offered with three different engine options. The first is the 2.5L diesel, the second is the 3L diesel and the third is a 4L V6 engine.

Regardless of the engine options, the Hilux will surely be able to offer better fuel mileage. This is necessary as most Colorado buyers were attracted to how their truck is able to offer competitive fuel economy without sacrificing power.


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