2015 Toyota Hilux Bringing The Fight To The Colorado

The pickup truck market here in the US has been revived after Chevrolet launched the all-new Colorado. However, Toyota is not going to leave Chevrolet bagging all the profits in peace. The Japanese carmaker will be launching the Hilux Facelift next year and it is going to be extraordinary.

For starters, the upcoming Hilux will come with multiple engine options. The first is a 2.5L diesel engine, followed by the 3L diesel engine. The range-topping model has a 4L V6 engine.

The engine displacement might be huge but knowing Toyota, their technology will ensure that the Hilux remains fuel economical regardless of the trim level. Since Toyota made it clear that the competition will spice up with the Colorado, there is a chance that the Hilux will return better fuel mileage.

Design-wise, the Hilux seems to come with more muscles than before. Such a styling was adopted in for the pickup truck just so that Toyota can appeal to the Americans more. The Hilux facelift somehow gives away that aura of confidence as it stands bold above the tar mat.

While nothing has been revealed on the Hilux’s interior, Toyota did tease on a host of new technologies coming with the vehicle. As such, it is safe to assume that the vehicle will have a neater cabin with ease of access to the various functions which the Hilux has got to offer.

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