2015 Toyota Hilux: A Revolutionary Pickup Truck In The Makings

The Toyota Hilux is regarded as one of the best pickup trucks in the world. Soon, the Hilux Facelift will be making its debut and it will come with many new things to offer.

For starters, Toyota is equipping the Hilux Facelift with new engines. The list includes a 2.5L diesel, a 3L diesel and a 4L V6 engine. While all of the engine choices have large displacements, Toyota will ensure that they are all optimized to be fuel efficient.

The Japanese carmaker made it clear that fuel economy is their top priority for the Hilux Facelift. After all, the pickup truck will look to compete with the Chevrolet Colorado and it has to come with better fuel consumption ratings to win the hearts of consumers.

On the design-front, the Hilux Facelift looks set to be larger than before. The car is confirmed to come with a more muscular frame work to appeal the US customers. This is confirmed by Toyota, which said that the Hilux Facelift will come with the DNA of a US-made pickup truck.

With all of the above combined with an exceptional performance and comfortable interior, there is no doubt that the Hilux Facelift will be the best pickup truck ever created. The pickup truck is expected to be released next year and we can’t wait to compare it with the Colorado.

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