2015 Toyota Hilux: A Promising Pickup Truck In The Works

Toyota is going to give the Hilux a facelift refresh next year and the pickup truck is going to come with so many improvements. For starters, the Toyota Hilux will be offered with three different engine choices. They are the 2.5L diesel, 3L diesel and 4L V6 engines.

Despite the huge engine displacement, Toyota will ensure that they are tuned to be more fuel efficient than ever. After all, most consumers today view fuel economy as the biggest priority and Toyota will provide just that with the upcoming Hilux.

Design-wise, the Hilux is going to be bigger than ever. The pickup truck is going to have more muscles and thicker bumpers. This will give the Hilux an overall broader stance and better proportions. Toyota claims that the design is inspired by American pickup trucks since the Hilux is tailored for the US market.

Finally, Toyota made a promise to the fans that it will be adding a host of new technologies in the Hilux facelift. If so, then we can expect Toyota to improve the interior layout and minimize the control switches on the dashboard. Most of the switches will be controlled by the infotainment screen.

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