2015 Toyota FCEV Nearing Its Release Leaves Tesla Model S In The Dark

The Tesla Model S is regarded as one of the best EV vehicles in the world. However, it is unfortunate to learn that a car which is built with the environment in mind can be really expensive and also heavy to drive.

This is why most consumers are still holding back before they can decide to purchase on the Tesla Model S. After all, Toyota is about to develop something massive and it is the FCEV. The latter will utilize hydrogen as its primary source of power and it is said to have better performance, cheaper running cost and of cost, the ultimate fuel economy.

Toyota has already exhibited their fuel cells to the public recently and said that the technology will be powering their green vehicles by the beginning of next year. The car will have a range of 311miles per fuelling which is equal to the Tesla Model S.

On the other hand, it is said that the Toyota hydrogen EV will be retailing at $50,000, which is also cheaper than the $70,000 price tag on the Tesla Model S.

That is not very long away and we highly advise for consumers to wait on and see how the hydrogen-powered Toyota performs when released. Only then will we fully find out on which is better.

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