2015 Subaru Outback: World’s Safest SUV Yet

In the pace of 2 months, Subaru launched two new vehicles and they are the next-gen Forester, and the all-new Outback. The latter made its debut a couple of weeks ago and it is now confirmed by NHTSA as the safest SUV yet.

In detail, NHTSA confirms that the Outback achieved full 5-star safety ratings like how it was for the Forester. Despite that fact, the Outback scored full marks on the frontal crash test, which is one star better than the Forester.

This is something amazing and surprising at the same time. After all, both vehicles are part of Subaru’s 2015 line-up which leaves us wondering on how the Outback can perform better than the Forester.

Nevertheless, Subaru have the rights to smile widely now that the Outback is regarded as the world’s safest SUV yet. This will also boost the vehicle’s sales record since most consumers are prioritizing safety on their purchase.

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