2015 Subaru Outback: No One Is Going To Get Hurt

The Subaru Forester and the Outback are two of the latest vehicles to come from the Japanese carmaker and they are part of the company’s MY2015 line-up. Despite that fact, both vehicles are different in many ways, particularly in the safety department.

Just a month ago, the all-new Forester arrived with some of the best safety features the world has ever seen. It also scored an amazing 4-star on the safety test, which is rare to come-by for an average SUV.

Yesterday, NHTSA released the safety ratings for the Outback and it managed to do one better than the Forester. In detail, the vehicle scored full 5-stars ratings. The Outback managed to accomplish this since it excelled at the front crash test.

Thus, this confirms that the Subaru Outback is the safest SUV to date. This will surely be a major selling point since most consumers actually decides on a new car based on their safety ratings.

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