2015 Subaru Outback: Even Safer Than The Forester!

Earlier this month, Subaru launched the all-new Outback. The latter arrived just a month after the Subaru Forester made its debut and both vehicles are part of the company’s MY2015 line-up.

Despite that fact, it came as a surprise when NHTSA revealed that the Subaru Outback is actually safer than the Forester. In detail, the Outback managed to bag full 5-stars safety ratings, which is one level better than the Forester.

It is revealed that the accomplishment was owed to the front crash test where the Outback scored full marks. On that same test, the Forester only managed 4-stars.

The safety prowess of the Outback will surely boost its sales. After all, most consumers today prioritize the safety of a vehicle when deciding on a car to buy. With the Subaru Outback rated at 5-stars, it will surely be a difficult vehicle for other car manufacturers to rival.

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