2015 Porsche Panamera ST To Correct Design Flaw [PICS]

Back at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Porsche unveiled the Panamera Sports Turismo concept model and it was truly a beauty. The concept actually left many car junkies wondering on why Porsche did not adopt such styling for the Panamera from the very beginning.

Instead, Porsche launched a poor looking vehicle that has been widely criticized by many. The German carmaker even acknowledged the criticism and admitted that the Panamera’s design has been really poor. As such, Porsche vow to apply the corrections when they launch the Panamera ST next year.

The latter will be inspired by the hybrid concept wagon that took the stage at the aforementioned Paris Motor Show but the designs will be tweaked further. While nothing specific has been revealed, the Panamera ST is said to come with the styling of the Macan.

The Panamera ST will also be built on the MSB platform and it won’t be a cabriolet. This was confirmed by Porsche’s head of research and development, Wolfgang Hatz, who claims that Porsche has a lot of convertibles in their line-up thus, the Panamera ST won’t be an open top. He also showed interest in developing the Panamera ST.

The lad concluded that it has been a while since Porsche last created a vehicle that wears the Sports Turismo badge. With that being said, there is no doubt that the carmaker will be developing the Panamera ST as part of their 2015 line-up.

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