2015 Porsche Panamera ST: Not Distinguishable At All! [PICS]

Porsche became the centre of a buzz yesterday when they revealed that a new model of the Panamera will be coming this year and it will be wearing the ST badge. The confirmation was made together with the release of a teaser video of the vehicle.

Those that have viewed the video will no doubt agree with us when we say that the Panamera ST actually looks a lot like the Macan. In a way, this is good for the badge as the Panamera was widely criticized for being ugly.

With the Panamera ST, perception of the masses is bound to change since the vehicle is going to be both stylish and powerful at the same time. Porsche has made it clear that the Panamera ST will be built on the MSB platform, which also rubbishes the many rumours that suggest the vehicle to be a 4-door convertible.

Porsche described the Panamera ST as a correction to the ugliness of the previous model. The company claimed that the Panamera ST will come with a brand new styling but it will still be distinguishable from other Porsche vehicles.

Unfortunately, we have to disagree with Porsche as the Panamera is actually not distinguishable at all. The vehicle simply looks like the Macan that is morphed into a sportsback instead of being an SUV. Of course, we could be wrong when the Panamera ST gets launched later this year.

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