2015 Porsche Panamera ST: Macan DNA Applied [PICS]

If there is to be a shameful story for Porsche, it is with the Panamera. The sporty bullet-styled car was launched some years ago but it was widely criticized for being something seriously ugly. Porsche is aware of it and they can’t wait to show off the brand new Panamera later this year.

The German carmaker announced yesterday that the upcoming vehicle will be bearing the ST badge and it will look nothing like its ugly predecessor. The announcement was made yesterday and it also came out with a teaser video clip that exhibits the Panamera ST in a fashionable way.

The confirmation of the ST moniker being applied on the Panamera also rubbishes the many speculations which suggests the vehicle to be a 4-door convertible. Furthermore, Porsche was courteous enough to share that the Panamera will be built on the brand new MSB platform.

With that being said, car junkies can check out the teaser video above and see for themselves a beautiful vehicle in the makings. The Panamera ST does look different but ironically, it also features a lot of characteristics from the Macan. Well, that won’t matter much since the Panamera will finally look good.

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