2015 Porsche Panamera ST: It Does Look Familiar [PICS]

Back when Porsche first launched the Panamera, many criticized the vehicle for being poorly designed. The Panamera is agreed by many as one of the ugliest vehicle in the luxury segment. Thankfully, Porsche is aware of the feedback and has hence started working on a correction.

Now, the German carmaker has stepped up to reveal on the upcoming Porsche Panamera ST that is due for a release next year. The announcement came out earlier today and it confirms that the upcoming Panamera won’t be a four-door convertible like how many had anticipated it to be. Furthermore, Porsche even launched a teaser video of the Panamera ST.

In the clip, car junkies can see that the Panamera somehow looks a lot like the Porsche Macan. The rear section of the vehicle is the best feature of them all as it flaunts a narrow chrome line that is flanked by a pair of angular taillights. Porsche also confirmed that the Panamera ST is built on the MSB platform.

Now that the Panamera issue is being put to bed, one might wonder on why Porsche didn’t think about applying such a great design on the existing Panamera. Whatever the reason may be, it don’t quite matter since the Porsche Panamera ST is already confirmed for production.

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