2015 Porsche Panamera ST: Design Should Be Thought Of With The First-Gen Model [PICS]

Porsche became the centre of a buzz yesterday when the company announced that a new trim of the Panamera will be coming later this year and it will be wearing the ST badge.

The confirmation was made together with the launching of the vehicle’s teaser video and it also rubbishes the rumours which claims it to be a 4-door convertible.

When viewing the video, one can easily notice that the Panamera ST looks a lot like the Macan. Heck, it can be said that the upcoming vehicle is basically the Macan, morphed into a sportsback instead of being an SUV.

Even so, the new-looking Panamera is definitely better than the original Panamera. The latter might have the best performance to offer but its design is pure ugly. With the Panamera ST on its way, Porsche can start forgetting about the criticism on the design of the old Panamera.

While it all sounds great, Porsche has failed to share on when the Panamera ST will be making its debut. However, Porsche did confirm that the Panamera ST will be rolled out later this year.

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