2015 Porsche Panamera ST Confirmed, Looks A Lot Like The Macan [PICS]

Porshce has confirmed that the next generation of Panamera, which is due next year, won’t be a four-door convertible. Instead, it will be an ST!

The announcement was made earlier today and Porsche also launched a short teaser video of the Panamera ST at the same time. The video can be seen above and it gives fans a rough idea on how the vehicle is going to look like.

This is very important since the existing Porsche Panamera has been a global disaster when it got labelled the ugliest sports vehicle around. On the other hand, the Panamera is applauded for its performance that is simply can’t be rivalled by many.

Porsche is aware of the criticism it faced with the first Panamera and confirmed that the next-gen ST is going to be a new take on things while also being a correction of the past. Also, Porsche claims that despite the many changes coming to the Panamera, the ST model will still be recognizable as the Panamera.

Well, the teaser videos are spot on with how Porsche describes the Panamera ST. The car does look different, familiar and recognizable at the same time. Unfortunately, the Panamera ST looks a lot like the Macan in our books.

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