2015 Porsche Panamera: Sports Turismo Returns & The Growing Macan Influence

Following the success of the Porsche Macan, the German carmaker announced the development on the next-generation Panamera. The vehicle is confirmed to be part of Porsche’s MY2015 line-up and it is going to be a magnitude better than the existing model.

At the moment, the Panamera is regarded as an expensive, ugly-looking vehicle. Porsche is aware of the criticism and admitted their faults with the vehicle’s poor design. The upcoming refresh is going to correct the flaws by promising to look like a runaway superstar.

While it might come with many changes to the design, Porsche remained adamant in confirming that the Panamera will still be distinguishable. Of course, all the attention will definitely be on the Panamera Sport Turismo trim.

It has been a while since Porsche produced the ST variants of their vehicles and it looks to be returning with the upcoming.

All in all, the Porsche Panamera is surely going to be the centre of attention in 2015. The car will have its designs and performance heavily inspired by the Macan, thus, sealing its fate as not a failure.

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